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Site Hosting
Whether you are a novice looking to build your first website or have an established business, being in the right hosting environment is crucial. Traditional "off the shelf" hosting is a shared environment, and  isn't always the answer: if someone else's site fails, it can cause yours to fail as well.

Dutchess Networks looks at your entire site setup - DNS, site code, external media, and database access to create a solution that works for your site today and make growth easier as it comes.  We have experience with cloud, CDNs, custom authentication sources, and most publishing platforms (Wordpress, Magento, and many others)  - We can set you up with your own server  if that is the best solution for your needs - or we can used shared hosting if necessary to meet your cost targets and your own environment.

Contact us to discuss you needs and/or current hosting situation and we'll do our best to create a configuration to meet your needs *and* your budget.